Beyond blacklights: how do I know if the color is orig?

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    Dec 12, 2013
    Hey there-- Looking at an interesting '67 PBass. Seems to be in remarkably good condition, and most interestingly, its Black with RW board! Seller claims that it's original, but I've learned to become a skeptical buyer. Was gonna ask for a neck/ guard off picture, but realized that even this may not help me, since some extraneous 3TSB colors inside the pockets would not be totally unexpected when custom colors of the era were sometimes sprayed over a sunburst finish.

    So, what features/ bits/ bobs should I be scrutinizing to help determine whether this is indeed an original finish? How common was the Black-RW combo at this time?

    Thanks much!
  2. It appeared. Not that common as Candy Apple Red, but not as rare as Firemist Silver.

    Look for the correct paintstick marking in the neckpocket, untouched solderjoints (also jiggle with the cloth insulation. What happens is that people tend to leave the solderjoints intact, just slip away the cloth, cut there, and resolder when refinished. That leaves the solderjoints intact),...
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    Check the things that Mr. Fingers suggested. Also, when Fender painted over a sunburst at the factory, there will not really be any sunburst remnants in the neck pocket. It should be all black in there still, with the paint stick shadow. There could be a tiny bit of red from the sunburst if the paint stick was positioned a little bit off from the first (sunburst) paint job, but that would be it.

    Since it's a '67, it would still have nitro finish, and the finish (clearcoat) will glow like a florescent yellow milkshake-ish color under the black light. Only nitro that is decades old will look like that under the black light.

    Also look to see if there is a matching "footprint" on the body and the back of the neck plate.