BFM Omni TallBoy

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  1. Bill Fitzmaurice Tall Boy loaded with Eminence Kappa Pro-15LFA and Eminence LA6-CBMR 6.5". This cabinet was going to be used for bass so it doesn't have the tweeter but, is cut for it. Constructed of 1/2" Baltic birch and built as to specs with crossover, 1/4" and speakon inputs. Because of it's size (39"t x 20"w x 17"w) and weight local sail only. $350.00
    zip code 92553

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  2. I need to sell this....price drop $300.00

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  4. Will consider trades,too.

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    still looking forward to the day I can try out some BFM designs. Wrong side of the country here...