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  1. Jake_D

    Jake_D Guest

    May 10, 2000
    Can anyone tell me how i can get the best out of my BFX-708 (tweaking certan peremeters, etc.) One of the main concerns is the loss of the crisp tone i have when i play without the pedal. Thanks
  2. jmrtnko

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    Jul 9, 2001
    1. First of all (and this goes for any multi-effect), read the manual. really.

    2. Don't use the pedal as a pre-amp if at all possible. If your amp has an effect loop, use that instead.

    3. Make sure the gain is set up properly. If you're using an effect loop or plugging an active bass directly into it, set IN GAIN to LO. For a passive, set it to HI (pg. 8). Turn the OUTPUT knob all the way clockwise. If it distorts, set the IN GAIN to LO or turn it back to 3 o'clock (though it's better to use PATCH LVL).

    4. Once it's ready, try first to get a good clean sound comparable to your bass without the pedal (Be warned, the BFX doesn't have a true bypass, so unplug it to compare).

    Make a new patch and turn off any effect, amp sim and reverb. Set all the EQ to flat. Set the comp/dist to something a bit more clean like LIMIT. (and set all the EQ on your amp to flat).

    Now one-by-one, adjust the EQ settings to get a tone you like. It's generally better to cut frequencies than boost them. And use as little cutting or boosting as you can. It may take some time. Just keep tweaking and comparing. And you may never get the sound of your clean bass. Just get a good basic one you like.

    Once you get it, SAVE that patch as-is and call it CLEAN or whatever.

    5. Now when you want to experiment with effects, start from this patch. Leave the EQ alone for now. When playing around with effects, the basic rule is use as little as possible. Lower frequencies can get muddy from effects really easily, making your bass line incomprehensible. Keep reverb short. Avoid the poor quality effects (octave, pitch) and keep an eye (ear) on the volume level. If a patch starts overloading adjust the LEVEL in the comp/dist or eq module or the overall patch level setting (not the output knob).

    6. now, once you've got the effect you want, go back to the EQ and tweak it from your CLEAN settings to make up for any changes to the tone you don't like. remember: a little goes a long way.

    and well, just keep tweaking...

    Now granted, you can completely ignore #5 and just turn knobs at random (as i sometimes do) if you just want to hear some crazy sounds, but it's good to have 5 or 6 good basic tones.

    have fun,

  3. Jake_D

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    May 10, 2000
    Thanks dude, thats just what i was looking for!!