Bi-amped active monitor speakers as rehearsal home system??

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  1. Szyszaczek


    Sep 5, 2014

    1. Is it possible to use Bi-amped active monitor speakers (40Hz - 20kHz) as home rehersal system?
    2. Does I need DI/preamp for that if monitor has build in amp (active monitors)?
    3. Can i just use jack to speakon converter?
    4. How good/bad it would sound? Is there any risk of using such a configuration?

    Circuit would like like this:

    Active bass -> jack cable -> some effects -> jack cable/speakon cable -> active monitor speaker?
  2. You're mixing several things here.

    Active monitors are fed with a line-level signal. Speakon is for loudspeaker cables, meaning, the poweramp is not built in the speakers/monitors.
    You can play through your effects and then go into the active monitors. No problem. Whether it sounds good or not depends on various things. There are good and bad monitors. There's the required level. There are your effects, your bass and last but not least your hands.

    Keep in mind, that you may need a splitter at some point when having two monitors.
    When you tell what kind of gear you have in mind, people can give further advice.