Bi-amping the one cab...

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  1. OK, obviously its generally a bad idea to be sending 2 signals into one cab, however this particuler cab is somewhat different.

    In the studio they have a new 8x10 classic and SVT3 pro.

    The 8x10 has multiple inputs, so that you could just use four of the 10s on one channel @ 8 ohms or 4ohms. I was thinking I could biamp, and bring along my trace and channel into the 8ohm set of fours, and then the SVT on the 4 ohm, and use a distortion into the SVT's four?
    However thinking about this a bit more, the seperate inputs for 4x10's might be the same set of 10s for each setting... thoughts? :meh:
  2. according to the ampeg site i believe it´s like this
    :mono 4 ohm(8x10)
    : stereo 8 ohm each(a pair of 4x10´s)
    that way you could use one amp to "each 4x10" .
    go ahead and try it.
    oh, and you will need some sort of splitter/ or stereo pedal before the amps :)
  3. by splitter, do you mean connecting the amps?

    i would have an FX sent from the trace to a pedal, then instead of returning that signal to the trace, plug into the input of the SVT.
    it worked with another amp i tried... :)
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    In a studio, I'm sure they can mult out of the board. Just go direct and reamp later if you have the time.