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Biamp? Crossover? Bass rig + guitar rig? Advice please!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by manghu67, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. manghu67


    Jun 13, 2011
    Omaha NE
    Ok guys here's my situation and what I think my solution is, but I'd like to hear suggestions.

    What I've got: A dedicated bass rig and a dedicated guitar rig. Bass is Mesa Big Block 750 with 610 Powerhouse. Guitar is a 1970's Peavey Mace 212 combo.

    What I want to do: Clean full signal to bass rig, mids and highs only to guitar rig. Dirty nasty without loosing bass and articulation, plus high gain feedback potential. Think along the lines of a Chris Squire setup, but without the stereo bass.

    What I think the solution is: Bass->Crossover->signal is split in two, one line to input of each amp.

    My question: What would be the best device out there that will allow me to split my signal like this, sending most freqs to bass rig while cutting out the lows to the guitar rig (basically two independent channels with plenty of control over which freqs go where)? 1/4" ins and outs.

    Thanks for the help, guys!
  2. T_Bone_TL


    Jan 10, 2013
    NW Mass/SW VT
    Whether you want what you said or what you described, preamp first, then split and crossover. Otherwise the crossover is playing with your wimpy out of the bass signal, not a nice preamped signal, and will also affect the bass/clean signal.

    What you described was full signal to bassamp, and highs to guitar amp, which would be split to bass and high-pass, and high-pass out to guitar amp.

    What you diagrammed was split to crossover (both high and low pass) with lows to bass amp and highs to guitar amp - which is fairly normal, but not what you described with "full" or "most frequencies" going to the bass amp.

    Best device - depends what you have, or if you have a budget. My $80 TNT 130's preamp could do either of the things you asked, depending what you plugged into what. Assuming your bass amp has a pre out and a power in, but no crossover section, come out of the pre out with a split cable, run one into the power amp in if you want "full signal" to the bass amp. The other goes to a high pass (or crossover with only the high out connected) an on to the guitar amp. Otherwise, come out with a single cable, into a crossover, and run the low cable back in to the power in, and the high to the guitar amp, if that's what you want.

    In either case, put a preamp in place before you split the signal (unless you have a preamp in the bass, ie, an active bass, in which case, you have already got that part covered.)

    I've seen TNTs as low as $65, sometimes they go for free - you could pull the electronics head, toss the mondo transformer, and put it in a small case with a lightweight power supply for the preamp section only (+/- 15V) and trim it down to a manageable weight & size - but you can probably also get a pedal or the like that will do the same for you in an even smaller package. I just happen to know that this has everything needed to manage either thing you've asked for in a convenient package (wrapped in an inconvenient package with a speaker in it.)

    Here's an elderly thread about more convenient options.


    At the end of which is this option that will also do all you ask, either way, and is evidently made by a TB-er.[​IMG]
  3. manghu67


    Jun 13, 2011
    Omaha NE
    1) Thank you for all your advice, buddy. Greatly appreciated.

    2) That is a very intriguing device... :hyper:

  4. grenadilla


    Aug 22, 2011
    If you run a line out from your main bass amp, you will probably find it extra trebley at the second amp. That is what I do to have a "treble" amp along with the Ashdown MAG 600 for regular "bass amp" sounds. Low frequencies will reach the other speakers, but very quietly. You could substitute a 210 or 410 for your open=back guitar speakers.
  5. subbasshz


    Aug 11, 2012
    phoenix az
    Im addicted to punishing volume.
  6. jeffgnr90


    Aug 4, 2011
  7. I got one of those $65 Rolls sx21 to split my effects chain. Octave > BDDI Deluxe > loop > xover > highs to dirty pedals recombining with lows in Wounded Paw blender > loop return. Works excellent!

    The sx21 has a 10kohm input impedance so you are better to have some kind of preamp in front or a hot active bass.
  8. jimmys15


    Nov 7, 2012
    Just turn down the bass EQ on the Peavey and run from the Slave-Out from Mesa Big Block to the input of the Peavey. I think it would be safe as long as you don't crank the Peavey. You also have a slave-out level control to adjust the signal to the Peavey.
    It seems silly to spend money on a gizmo when you don't know if you'd like this combo.
  9. Matthijs


    Jul 3, 2006
    This, or any other device that will split the signal put before the amps and then add something with an eq before the guitar amp.

    I've used a fishman platinum pro eq this way, where the unaffected tuner out was sent to the bass amp and the eq-ed signal was sent the other way.
  10. Leaving the clean highs in the bass rig has a muddying influence on the distortion amp's output. Splitting up the highs and lows yeilds pure distortion tone.
  11. nysbob


    Sep 14, 2003
    Cincinnati OH
    Just dial down the lows on the peavey and screw the crossover, sez me.

    But what do I know...I've been running stereo rigs since '75.

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