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Big Challenge!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by ChiliTikka, May 16, 2011.

  1. Allright this is a big challenge for all members of this forum.

    In Finland we have a dream gig competition where our band could win a show as a supporting act for BON JOVI at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. Competition is held by a site called Hitlantis. And idea for it is to get as much fans as possible in 5.16-6.2.2011. Winner is chosen from top-10 list by Bon Jovi.

    So I challenge everyone of you to join this noble quest and make our bands dream come true. Let's show them how much power Talkbass.com has!

    How to join this noble quest? (takes 5mins or less)
    1. go to Hitlantis. Who's next? (it's a bit slow page)
    2. register to site, its free, safe and harmless
    3. confirm registering from your e-mail
    4. go back to hitlantis, log in and search " The Pythagoras "
    5. when you have found it, press "become a fan"
    6. Spread the word! :bassist:

    YouTube - The Pythagoras - She Said (live) <--- you can also watch our first music video! and go to myspace.com/thepythagoras if you want even more songs and info.

    Let's make impossible to possible and bring back Blues-Rock!


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