SOLD Big Joe Stomp Box Company Phaser R-408 2017

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  1. Price:
    $65 shipped conus, talk to me and we can make a deal for other places

    will consider phaser or dirt trades

    Completely mint condition, tempted to say brand new! Owned for a day. Comes with box and fabric custom bag.

    Big Joe Stomp Boxes are 100% analog, true bypass tone monsters. Built in the spirit of all the great players who toiled for years in anonymity for the love of their craft, Big Joe pedals embrace the heart and soul of generations of guitar tone. In honor of these great pioneers, Big Joe Williams and image is part of company brand. It inspires us to keep our egos in check, and our designs simple, transparent and pure.

    Manufacturers Description
    Buttery smooth vintage analog sound with variable mix control. Ultra-warm, with full range response this little gem adds shimmer to lead licks or swooshing resonance to muted strumming.. Variable feedback control adjusts from classic phase signature to an almost Wah Wah like effect. Vary the speed from a subtle, long cycle to a Leslie like swirl. This is a highly versatile, classic analog tone box.

    • Speed
    • Depth
    • Feedback and Mix controls
    • True bypass footswitch
    • Runs on 9v or 18v

    IMG_1269.jpg IMG_1267.JPG
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