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Big muff (russian) need help

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Diddii, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. i've been using Big muff (russian) for few months now... and always when i stomp it (put it on) i lose all my bottom end :( it sucks. I want a nice FAT-OVERDRIVE SOUND. I think big muff wasn't "the chosen one" what do you recommand for a FAT-OVERDRIVE SOUND... and then i mean ! really fat.

    Im playing in a stoner-rock band.
  2. Turn the tone knob down.
  3. Mudfuzz


    Apr 3, 2004

    Also, for exteem bottom get another bigmuff and run it into the first bigmuff, the sound is just garganchuin.
  4. yeah +1 to the turning the tone knob down, on the Little Big Muff ive nocticed that doin the same really boosts the bass (but i also have a clean blend with it, so i keep the tone up and use my LBM as more of a cutting fuzz)

    just for the record, ill mention that my perfect stoner tone would be scott reeder's tone (second bass player from kyuss- but u knew that didnt u;) ) - its just a bit overdriven, not too trebely, nice and fat n warm.

    in my opinion, the best type of overdrive for stoner rock is either a driven tube amp, or something that can approximate that tone, i know the russian muff is realatively inexpensive (well the newer ones are anyway) and tube pedals can be very expensive, but a bass specific tube overdrive pedal should give u a great stoner tone in my opinion. Although i think the actual sound of a muff can do a great stoner sound, but the low loss can be really offputting.

    but if ur happy with ur Muff, and u dont find that the tone suggestion works, consider a blender pedal, so u get some clean lows from ur bass mixed in with ur muff, (of course most blender pedals will cost u more than some tube pedals, so thats your call)

    you should be fine with just turning the tone down (that is, if its not already down, most posts ive read seem to suggest 11 o'clock and less for the tone control, but this is largely for the Little Big Muff)

    for my tubey overdrive im using a sansamp BDDI to get a 'dirty-gritty' tone, and then also run a boss blues driver on a separate chanel to 'warm' the tone up, then i blend the two together and get nice definition but a really warm, fat bass sound. this setup means that i can use guitar pedals but still keep my 'bass'

    have a search for tube overdrive pedals on Talkbass, but just off the top of my head i have some tube and non-tube pedals that might b good for you.

    DHA-STD-bass overdrive (real tube pedal) rrp about £80 sterling

    Fulltone Bassdrive

    MXR BASS blowtorch (maybe not what ur looking for- it can be a bit too synthy- not an organic sounding pedal, but it sure is FAT and can cut thru any mix)

    the Way Huge Swolen Pickle is meant to be really good for bass (if u can find one) if u havent heard of it, its a muff clone with better responiveness for bass apparently

    the rest escapes me for the moment, but i hope i've helped a bit
  5. Amenra


    Dec 18, 2006
    get a line selector (Boss LS-2) and put your big muff in a loop to get a clean blend. You'll be able to adjust the amount of fuzz and the amount of clean bass tones. It works perfect with my double muff.
  6. fuz74

    fuz74 Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 19, 2006
    The Canadian Midwest
    Tone chaser...
    +1. I do the same thing and then you can mix the two with the line selector and get the right mix. I am really happy with the results. For a stage gig I actually run a clean DI from my MXR M-80 and and a wet after all my effects and just before it goes into my amp. Our sound tech/engineer mixes it at the front of house He so he has a little more control when mixing in different rooms.
  7. Mudfuzz


    Apr 3, 2004
    It also depends on your rig, my live rig is very bass heavy, when I run my muff in my blend loop you can hardly tell if it is on :D

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