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    Sep 6, 2003
    Northumberland, UK
    Hey guys,

    I love my GK rig but lately I've been fancying something a little more 'old-school' sounding. There are times the GK can be too bright and springy and I would prefer a little more ooomph behind the notes and perhaps a little bit of overdrive. I think my ideal amp would be an SVT with a smaller cab and less of (what I hear as) the Ampeg muddiness.

    I like the fact that I can take just my GK head and the 1x12" cab to really small gigs (or really large ones with good PA) or I can whack either the 2x12" or both cabs under it for a fairly hefty stack. This modularity was something I would like to keep. To that end, I had thought about a Mesa Walkabout Scout and a Bergie NV610. Combo for small stuff, head and Berg for big stuff. The problem is, I cant shake the feeling that the combo is a bit of a rip-off to be honest, it's around £1500 here, money which could practically buy you an SVT. I'm also concerned that the 300W head would not fully utilise the NV610.

    So what would you guys recommend I look into? My previous setup before the GK was an Ashdown MAG stack, so I'm definitely checking out their stuff first. Heads are cool, but I'm up for pre/power as long as the weight isn't ridiculous.
  2. The 1001 has a lot of power and a lot of clean headroom, especially with a big cab like the NV610.
    If you want a similar tone but older, oomphier, and dirtier, I highly recommend picking up a used GK800RB. I love my 800RB into the NV610, it's a killer rig with just enough power to play big stages, but low enough power that you can still hit the rails and get that really nasty GK solid state dirt.

    I own the NV610, the 1001 and the 800 and I highly recommend trying it out.
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