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bigger tension

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by pete_the_beat, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. Hi guys.

    In july I bought a 1992 Warwick Streamer 5-string and I have this problem with the tension beeing to light. So I wondered what I should do to get the string tension heavier.
    Should I go for a new string gauge (I think its 045-130, I actually don't know what strings are on the bass - neither did the dealer :confused: , they're tapered with blue cloth-or whatever) or would a certain kind of string do the trick. :help:
  2. Have you had the bass set up? Are all the strings tapered?
    If you like the way the strings feel, but they're making noise against the frets it's a setup you're looking for. If you think the strings feel too sloppy, go for thicker strings (or non-tapered if they all tapered at the bridge-end). 45-130 is standart gauge for most strings. You could try a set of DR Lo-Riders 45-125. They have higher tension than most other strings of the same gauge so they'll probally feel stiffer than whatever you have on now. I use Dean Markley Blue Steels 50-128 which gives a good tight tension with lots of punch. But I choose (sp?) this gauge because it's what sounds the best to my ears (harmonics, punch, deep mids and bass are better).

    Good luck
  3. hey tak kammerat
    dejligt at se en anden dansker inde på det her fede forum.
    hvad er det lige du mener med "tapered", det har jeg aldirg lige helt fattet.