Biggest challenge for a gig?

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  1. So here's my story of the gig from the MLK Holiday last week. There's a Walk- a- Thon in my town put on in remembrance of MLK every year and they ask local bands to come play. For the last two years I've played the gig but with different band mates under the same name. Nothing Cheesy. The first year we began rehearsal a couple months early and it went off with no problems...

    Fast forward to this year.

    The gig was coming up Monday and my band mates were planning to have a rehearsal at my place the day before. They're all pretty talented to I wasn't too worried. Went off the guitarist/ vocalist's set list for a 5 song set. Saturday rolls around and the drummer and the guitarist/ singer have to back out of the gig because they got scheduled to work. :meh: :crying: So here I am without a band but with a set list to play. I end up calling every person I know who sings plays guitar or drums and I end up finding a singer, a drummer, and a bassist. I stay up until 2 practicing guitar to play. :rollno:
    Sunday comes around and we have rehearsal from 6PM until 12 (midnight). We figure out our set list... Short but good I thought. Was sounding great for only a few hours especially from switching to guitar completely when I've never played a gig on anything other than bass.

    Play That Funky Music- Wild Cherry
    Purple Haze- Jimi Hendrix
    Radioactive- Imagine Dragons
    Stand By Me- Ben E King
    Hotel California- The Eagles

    We meet up the next morning at 9. Bassist's fingers are torn up, my fretting hand hurts like you wouldn't believe and we go on at 1. Its was music right after the walk concluded. We are the last act. Opening band was an all girl punk/ screamo/ metal band. 80% of the audience left because their set was 10 songs long. Then there was a solo girl who brought back a couple people and then it was us...

    Play That Funky Music- was great and funky. I can't hear the bass that well in the recording though. But I know I turned it up properly. Maybe its the speakers on the camera. Anyways we all had nerves and for 6 hours of rehearsal time I thought we did pretty well. It was also my first time singing backup vocals at anything while playing guitar. Definitely the most fun song of the day.

    Purple Haze- I honestly think this was our second best song that day. everything went smoothly and it was groovy and fun for everyone... Though I had to make up solos because I just don't do that sort of thing ever.

    Radioactive- This song was the smoothest of the day I think. No frills just a lot of fun and a lot of energy. I sang backup in the chorus here too. Not too bad for a first time I think.

    Stand by Me- I think this was the best song of the day. Its simple and the vocals sounded great and everyone was comfortable. My hands were starting to get tired here. I'd played too many chords already and just was having some picking issues.

    Hotel California- The night before this was my favorite song. I was doing all the harmonies well and all the guitar parts were fitting together nicely. It was by far the most exciting then too...
    Fast forward a few hours... I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe it. My hands were cramping up. And not ever just slightly. I was having a hard time fretting at all. I knew the solo was coming. I sang the harmonies pretty well even though I thought my voice was too loud in comparison to her's. And then the solo came... Drive footswitch engaged and capo off and a huge hand cramp. :eek: I couldn't bend the first note of the solo. :bawl: So naturally I get really nervous and the pain in my hand gets worse but I try to slide up to the fret where I'm supposed to bend to to compensate. The fastest I've ever had to think while playing for sure. The rest of the solo except where I bend notes went pretty well though in the video you can tell I'm struggling.
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    I'm glad your show went so well.

    But your link, , did not have any of the tunes in your set list. Was this your group? Or was this the show from last year?

    Thank you for your indulgence,

  3. This was the show from last year sorry! :bassist: I was going to see whether it was worth posting the second one. I've yet to get it on my computer and have a proper listen. But I'll try to get that up this weekend. Its midterm season :help: at school so I'll do it when I can.
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    I'd be curious to see the video from the second time around as well. Always remember, you are your own worst critic-I'm sure the solo went over better than you think.
  5. I did have something I was really proud of though! I played Jaco's of Amerika. :hyper:

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    The first time ever i played electric bass live in front of an audience, i lunged into the first song so hard I got tendonitis-style cramps just a few bars in... I was lucky to notice so I could finish the half-hour set, easing off from digging in as much as I could...

    I also have trouble with guitar, many times, and need to have just the right thickness in the necks of the guitars I play. Too shallow means trouble.
  7. [URL=""z[/URL]

    Okay guys here's the link. It'll be up in an hour or so I think! :bag: