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Biggest Differences!! 1x15 vs, 4x10

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by LuckyCondlins, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. now, I have never played anything else besides an old junker Peavey Cab ( 2x15's thing was HUGE) and my ampeg 15 i play today.

    Im wondering what the biggest difference would be if i just straight up switched to a 4x10.

    the gigs i play now, do not warrant the use of BOTH together, but im just curious, as i really have never played out of 4x10's.

    The obvious would be clearity in highs and mids, but is that really it? Would it still be boomy and punchy? I find I can get a great tone out of the 15 but im just curious...

    I like warm puncy coutnry tones, and im wondering if my 15 is just holding me back on that part a little bit.

    Thanks guys!

    and just to be clear

    Aria pro II avante
    peavey t-40
    Presonus tube pre>Hartke 3500
  2. Its kind of hard to just bracket things like that.

    For instance:

    Main cabs right now are a peavey 410, marshall 810 and a peavey 215.

    The peavey 410 has loads of low end, pretty low punch mids and the high end is lacking a bit

    The marshall is a sealed cab, not so much 'true' low end, tho there is more than enough. Loads of mids again, and the highs are pretty dubbed down.

    The peavey 215 has the least prominant low end, its pretty balanced throughout the spectrum. The highs are the clearest of the other cabs i have.

    Basically, you cant really judge a speaker cabinet by the size of the speakers in it (well, when it comes to 10s and 15s). So many other factors are important.

    The only thing i could suggest is to go out and try, see what you find. It could be that a 410 could compliment the 115s sounds in a way you like, or it could be that you dont like the sounds at all. But you should be able to get warm punchy sounds from a 115 as easily as you would from a 410
  3. nice, i have to run but ill be back to read it!
  4. IME I find a single 15" to be great for real low bass fundamentals. Feel it type bass!! where as a 4x10" is far more 'hear it'' type bass sound & will give a fair bit more 'presence' A combo of the 2 is a GREAT way to go IMHO. Tho either by themselves is nice too. As Mohawk says-try & see what U like! is best!

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