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Bill Clement Clinic!! WOW!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by burk48237, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. burk48237

    burk48237 Supporting Member

    Nov 22, 2004
    Oak Park, MI
    Maybe this should go in Bassist, but since it was a clinic and he's not well known I though I'd do the OT thing. Bill was recently profiled in Bass Player 6/05 and did a clinic tonight at LDS. To paraphrase our own Mikebass, "I don't care if you have one arm or three arms, your one bad a** Mofo" The dude can play, Jaco like 16th note groves and solos, with one arm! He absolutely blows your mind! Unbelievable rhythmic technique and our own Jacqo III from Chicago showed up for a mid Clinic Jam. He's good people! Lots of TBer's there and a good time for all. The Detroit Bass fest is coming March 06! Here's a shot of our own Jacqo and Bill together.
  2. Tim Cole

    Tim Cole Supporting Member

    Jun 12, 2002
    Findlay, Ohio
    Wow, sounds like a great time!

    I am sure Cheeze and I will make it to the spring bassfest, and hopefully we can bring ol tombowlus up with us as well.

    When it gets closer, we need to make good plans for tb accomdations, restaurants, and of course good watering holes to have you ladies begging for mercy.