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    Nov 2, 2001
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    Hi everyone,

    Well, I've been trying to start buying jazz CD's not just for the bass player on the album so yesterday I went out and bought Bill Evans' "Live at the Village Vanguard" with Scott Lafaro and Paul Motian. I realized after I bought it that Scott Lafaro is an incredible bassist also. I had heard his name but had never heard him before. Anyways, I'm going to be buying more of Bill Evans' music and was wondering if there are any classic recordings or 'must haves?'
  2. Try doing some research at

    I would search on Lafaro instead of Evans but that is me.
  3. Edie sez
    Or maybe in the recordings forum ;) .

    Be that as it may, beyond the VVanguard/Lafaro stuff:

    Kind Of Blue - Miles Davis et al. Except for Freddie Freeloader, Evan's influence on the other cuts is arguably as strong as Mile's. His comping is just.....whew!

    58 Sessions Featuring Stella - same band as above, standards.

    After those, my personal taste runs to more live piano trios with my favs being Live At Town Hall for it's incredible solo piece and The Paris Concerts w/ Marc Johnson and Labarbera.
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    Nov 2, 2001
    suburb of dallas, tx
    Eek! Missed the recordings thread!!!

    Thanks for the great respones and insight. It'd be awesome to hear what Lafaro ws doing when he was 19. I also didn't realize he (Bill Evans -edit- thanks Richard) was on 'Kind of Blue.' Great responses. Thanks very much!

    Quick correction: The CD I bought was 'Sunday at the Villiage Vanguard' not 'Live at the Village Vanguard.' Sorry about the misinformation.

    I had done a search at and was kind of overwhealmed by the 5 or so pages of CD's to pick from so I just decided to head up to the local Barnes and Nobles and see what I could get.
  5. Actually, La Faro's *not* on "Kind of Blue"; that, I believe, would be Paul Chambers. Bill Evans *is* on that record, though, as is Wynton Kelly.

    I'm pretty sure, though, that La Faro is one of the two (!) bassists on Ornette Coleman's "Free Jazz," which is a whole 'nother kind of thing.
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    After many years of wishing I could afford it, I finally got the Bill Evans boxed set called "The Complete Riverside Recordings" - 12 discs of Bill's work for that label, which includes all of the Bill/Scott/Paul trio stuff at the Vanguard which was originally released under various titles such as "Waltz for Debby", etc. It's expensvie, but absolutely fantastic...also includes a lot of alternate takes of stuff that didn't make it onto the original discs.
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    Dec 12, 1999
    In a perfect world, we'd all be checking out a Scott Lafaro as he matured...damn, he was the s***!

    ...what's your thoughts on recordings with Evans & Eddie Gomez?

    Yeah, you're there...both LaFaro & Charlie Haden play on Ornette's Free Jazz(the inspiration to Coltrane's Ascension?). ;)
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    Off to recordings with ya..............

    Chris A.:rolleyes: