Bill Gate predicts an end to poverty in 20 years

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    Bill Gates is investing his time and his money to end world poverty. Okay I admit it I can be pretty cynical but I found this article to be very encouraging. If what it says is true my respect for Mr. Gates just went up to new levels.
    I hope he does it. But if he does succeed, what then? We will still be human beings with all our faults. Maybe if people aren't worried about starving to death we can be released to pursue other goals. Like world peace and an end to injustice. Yes, I know it all sounds impossible but it is a dream I can't let go of. That would be the end for me. I don't want my cynicism to dominate my life and leave me a bitter, burned out old fart. I would rather be a crazy, optimistic, dreaming old fart. :p

    Here is the article:
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    Personally, I think Mr. Gates would benefit from investing more time in reading history books.

    Um... sorry for the downer, Slobake.:meh:
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    Just in time for my retirement!
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    Here's the actual letter:

    He presents some pretty strong evidence that the world is getting better and will continue to do so.

    Is it possible that you're just working with a different definition of "poverty" ?

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    Mr. Gates has always been an idealist since he left Microsoft. While I applaud and commend his charity's efforts to provide vaccines worldwide, we unfortunately live in a world that will always be wrought with war and its collateral effects. Yes, the world is getting better, but poverty will always be present somewhere in the world due to corruption, war, etc (take a look at North Korea's insane leadership, India's bursting overpopulation [my girlfriend is half Indian and her dad doesn't think India's slums will ever go away], or the warring African/South American nations). Poverty will never truly be eradicated but that certainly doesn't mean efforts to reduce poverty should be eliminated.
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    No apologies necessary. I was hoping for a good conversatin about this. I struggle with these kinds of statements. I have seen so many people come and go with promises about making everything better and so often they turn out to be just on more self-serving person. On a corporate level I roll my eyes (when no one is looking) when they give us pep talks about really caring about our cleints/customers. I don't believe them when they say customer service is their primary concern when the next week we have lay-offs because profits are down. After all we wouldn't want our CEO to miss out on his/her 4 million dollar bonus. :eyebrow:
    Still when something like this comes along I want to believe it. There are people in this world who really do make a difference. Even if it's something small like giving up your seat on mass transit. to someone who needs it.
    I choose to fight my cyinicism and look for the good in people. I may be naive and simple but I would rather have a bleeding heart than a heart of stone.
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    Nice post my brother.
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    Are there any reasons that certain parts of the world enjoy relative prosperity while others seem to regularly suffer?

    Are those qualities permanent?
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    Good question. I wish I knew. Maube SoonerMatt or some of the other informed people around here can answer this one. I doubt it there is any one black and white answer.
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    Of course there are reasons. Discussing them however, will get this thread closed in a heartbeat.
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    Historically the areas of the globe who are having success currently does not necessarily match up to those who were successful before. Success isn't permanently attached to one region or people, which suggests that we have the ability to give the tools for success to parts of the globe and people who do not yet have it.:)
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    If you think about the levels of human misery in the world now as opposed to 100 years ago, you can quantify certain things. Birth rates are down because mortality rates are down. Starvation is a political and economic problem now, instead of local crop failures as famines were in history. Fewer people die of all kinds of things, and more people can be productive in spite of problems they have had to overcome. Political problems (wars, ethnic conflict, etc.) and economic problems (distribution and opportunity problems and unevenness, etc.) will always be with us, but maybe they can be minimized. Less than 100 years ago, Europe was knocked back partway to the stone age by conflict. I can't imagine that happening now. Latin America went through all kinds of political upheavals. Parts of Latin America have similar problems, but for the most part, it is evolving into a reasonably stable place politically and a more or less growing place economically.

    None of these things is a given, nor are any of them permanent without continued effort by everyone, but I'm optimistic that the human condition will continue to improve. It will be fitful, it will be uneven, and it will have setbacks. But look at the progress China has made. They have horrible problems to address, but the average Chinese person has opportunities that didn't exist for people a generation or two ago.
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    Things don't always have to be what the always have been.
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    England used to wealthy beyond belief. Same with Portugal, Spain, Persia and India.

    Things change. The US will have it's chance to be poor soon enough. No need to hurry it.
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  17. Gaolee

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    The wealthy and powerful have always controlled more wealth than others. They will always use thier power and wealth for their own advantage. That won't change, it will just fluctuate. What has changed is public health, the food supply, and things like that. As long as people are healthier and more secure, life is better. Wealth is a relative thing. If you have to have twelve children for two to even reach adulthood, your opinion of wealth is going to be very diffrent from somebody who has one or two children and can reasonably expect them to reach old age.
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    There are a variety of reasons - not being able to grow crops or produce goods, not being able to acquire resources, corruption, a sudden increase or decrease in population, and many others I'm sure I'm forgetting about. These qualities are certainly not permanent - South Africa was heavily divided under the apartheid but after Nelson Mandela's actions it's turned a corner and Arab Spring saw widespread corruption nearly wiped away from the slew of civil wars it brought. To swing the pendulum the other way, Iran was incredibly prosperous until the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and look at them now.
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    Thank you for this. The online instinct to comment on a summary article without researching the original data is a pet peeve of mine.

    My first instinct after reading any online post is to look to primary sources before offering an opinion.