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Bill Lawrence P46 in Mustang p/j wiring problem

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by KJMO, May 20, 2018.

  1. KJMO


    Feb 6, 2015
    The BL when soloed sounds great. The jazz pickup soloed sounds the way it should, but both together sounds like a radio. I found this:

    GZR P/J Pickups - Bridge p/up cannot be solo'd. What did I do wrong?

    • White Wire -- Hot
    • Black/Blue Wires -- Ground
    • Red/Green Wires -- Twist together, insulate with shrink wrap or electrical tape for humbucking OR solder to either a push/pull or on/off switch for split coil.

    I took the white wire to the 3-way switch, connected the red and the green wires, and grounded the rest of the blue and black wires to the volume pot. The pickups are otherwise controlled correctly with the 3-way, so how do I switch the phase, exactly?
    Last edited: May 20, 2018
  2. Swap the wires on the bridge pickup.
    What brand is your bridge pickup?
  3. KJMO


    Feb 6, 2015
    I wondered if that would work, since I think it would be easier. It's just the stocker, but from what I can tell the output is just a little weaker for the jazz, but not all that much.
  4. KJMO


    Feb 6, 2015
    Yep, it worked. Thanks! It was easier to do it this way, since the leads to the switch are longer, and there are all the grounds on the p46. I don't feel like it was a dumbhead mistake since I just took the "hot" wires to the switch, but whatever. The p46 actually mixes just fine as far as I can tell. Pretty passable jazz sound, and good p sound. What more could I ask for?

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