For Sale Billet Forward Foot Controls for HD and CSC Rapide Headlight w/ Brass Grill

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    Aug 20, 2005
    Portland, Oregon
    I'm letting go of some of the custom parts I've been holding onto for a future project to put some money into my current bike.

    First, I have a set of polished billet aluminum forward foot controls by Thunderheart. These were original equipment on a previous version of Indian Motorcycles. They have never been used, but they were installed for mock up purposes and have some shelf wear. These are excellent, made in the USA, controls that originally ran for over $400 new. I've found that I actually prefer floorboards to pegs on my Harley and I want to replace the rusty ones that are on there now.

    Next, I have for sale a custom headlight housing by Crime Scene Choppers. This is not a Chinese rip off like you'll find on ebay, but the original thing made her in the US. I really wanted to hold onto this for something in future, but my current bike needs some work. I also have a matching set of brass grips that I might be willing to let go. This does come with a brand new in the box headlight as well.

    Here's a link to Crime Scene Choppers with specs and new price:

    Rapide 4.5" Headlight

    Price:$199 each plus $12 shipping.


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