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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by snake:>~, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. snake:>~


    Apr 11, 2000
    I caught the Steve Vai Real Illusions show at the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX this past Saturday. One word...would be...AWESOME!!!!! We got the spot on the first little rise level, right in front of Billy's mic and rig. It was truly a humbling experience to watch and hear this man work, especially in a smaller venue that felt almost like a "private" concert. I have been attempting to see him live for over 15 years (since I first started playing bass), and man I am kicking myself for not trying harder in the past! The cool part was that we were so close that when you made eye contact with him, he was only 15 feet or so away, so he let you know he could see you and appreciated that you had come to the show and were hollering for him.
    A word of warning if you are planning on catching this show: BRING EARPLUGS!!!!! The sound guys have it up way too loud, but the earplugs bring it down to a decent level (even still, my right ear was a little sore the next two days).
    Steve Vai did a fine job of picking the members of this band, as they are all at the top of their game. At the low ticket prices, you cannot help but get way more than your monies worth (that and the show lasts for hours!). Go see this show. Period.
    Oh, and Billy, if you happen to read this, I still think you might have been flirting with my wife, just a little. I mean the blowing kisses back and forth thing... and, yes, I know she started it.
    This guy is great folks. I received an e-mail newsletter from him on Monday that he had sent out on Saturday afternoon, responded about how much I enjoyed the show, and he replied the next day to thank me for coming to the show (and to deny the whole flirting thing. Yeah, yeah I know, enough razzing, but truthfully folks, she was the best looking gal at this gig even if I must say so myself. Biased? No, not me. Never.).
    By the way folks, I picked up 'Cosmic Troubadour' after the show in the lobby, and these are autographed copies with a sovereign pick for $15. The CD is great, and be sure to listen to it the first time on a really good stereo to get the full effect.

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