Birdland Harmonics

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  1. Any of you Jaco fans know the harmonics for Birdland? It sounds so much like a guitar.
  2. They are artificial harmonics (i.e. harmonics of a stopped note, not an open string). The way he plays them is by using the thumb on this plucking hand to touch the harmonic, plucking between his thumb and the bridge with another finger, while his left hand is stopping the note. He uses both octave and two ocve harmonics. The octave harmonics are done by dividing the sting in half. The two octasve harmonics are done by playing the harmonic where the note up a perfect 4th (i.e. +4 frets) is. Though it sounds a bit complicated, it is relatively easy to do.

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  3. ok i have an idea of what your talking about, someone recently showed me somehting like that. is he freting the note?and just tapping with his right hand?
  4. Wow dude thanks. That helps alot! I think i have it now. I played along with the record(thats right i said record) And it just doesnt sound as loud as jaco.
  5. Good News I can do it now. Thanks alot guys. NOw i just need to work on the lil riffs he does in the song. I found the tab here at talk bass. You guys know if its pretty accurate. I ve bassicly figured its better to just figure it out yourself. BUt a little help here and there never hurt.
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    It helps if you boost the bridge pickup and have very bright roundwound strings. Also - you have to remember to follow what you're fretting with your left hand, with your thumb - so it has to keep moving or you will lose the harmonic. The more accurate you are in terms of your thumb subdividing the string between where you are fretting and where your thumb is sitting on the string - the louder and clearer it'll sound.

    On his instructional video, Jaco says it is easier to play this on fretted basses rather than fretless! I tend to agree. ;)