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    Up for sale is an incredible fretless Birdsong bass. This bass was made by Brady Muckelroy during his time with Birdsong and it is nothing short of incredible.

    Body:African Mahogany, Cocobolo & Wenge top w/Back.
    Neck: Rock & Flame Maple, Wenge Set in.
    Fingerboard: Lined fretless, Cocobolo.
    Hardware: Hipshot
    Electronics: Lace Sensor Humbuckers

    This bass is a custom spec'd skyrider and has the artist package. It is a 32" scale. It has a very comfortable neck and is lightweight.

    2500$ Shipped in a hardshell case. Con. US only.

    Here is a link to full pics. If you buy from me here price is cheaper. Buyer pays shipping.

    Birdsong Artist/Skyrider 2014 Natural | Bryan's Gear Outlet

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    I believe that's 31" scale, unless it was a custom or one off, you might want to double check. Either way, amazing bass!
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  3. You may be right, I will verify.
  4. I checked and this bass is indeed a 32"
  5. Price drop!