SOLD Birdsong PB-3 Short Scale Bass Custom Painted by Marty Bell

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    6AEF622A-BE40-4B82-95E0-65848DB68257.jpeg FEA3D5F4-B616-482D-B994-DDB82AE890C4.jpeg 56B28871-26BA-4DC9-AB10-D1D06D1F7E65.jpeg Offered for sale is a custom Birdsong model PB-3, that has been totally broken down and custom painted by Marty Bell of California! We went from “Rat Rod” to “ Mod Squad” with NO expense spared! This bass has never been out of my house, and really hasn’t been played since purchased and re-built. It’s a very custom 70’s vibe thought that I have always wanted to build in a shortie. It kicks ass and is an amazing instrument from Birdsong that has every bit of punch you would expect Scott Beckwith of Birdsong to build! Marty Bell May be the best custom painter of our time!
    I just got this a few months ago before deciding to go crazy so it's 100% brand new, I've played it maybe 5 times. I have well over $3300.00 invested into this bad boy with a lot of love and thought. Want to thank Mike Veerock of Bordontown Guitar Rescue for assistance with the rebuild, setup and electronics upgrades making this that much more playable and enjoyable!
    I just have so many Basses that this one isn't getting the love it deserves.

    Original picture and description:
    - "Rat Rod" black primer finish with hand painted touches (gone)
    - 31" Scale
    - Dimarzio Model One Neck, X2N-B Bridge
    - Hipshot bridge and tuners
    - Bakelite control plate with funky knobs (new custom mirror finish)
    - Hardshell Case
    - Custom mirror finished pick guard and truss rod cover
    - Custom Metallic Flake with Stripes on the body and headstock by the great Marty Bell of California. The fretboard had to be reworked so that it could be painted without affecting the sound or durability of the paint longer. Anyone who knows Marty also knows he’s not cheap, but he is the best and stands behind his work!

    This will ship CONUS in hardshell case.
    PayPal or bank check/transfer.

    Weighs in right around 6 lbs, just a few ounces over.

    Some more info here: Birdsong — Wingfeather Workshop
    Video demo of the one pickup (PB-1) version here:

    These are $2400 brand new with a year wait and NOT custom painted by Marty Bell, take this one off my hands for $2500 shipped ConUS. Paypal is fine, feel free to PM with questions.
    0E72E81C-869F-4434-BEA1-1E47963269E2.jpeg 0D131732-3A0C-45C1-98A8-D2DCA8EF2B22.jpeg 0288726E-4230-4DC3-9461-986D4AEAAC32.jpeg AEC549DE-02B4-4267-90C3-12C14F612BFB.jpeg 0D15C120-12AA-47F8-9AF2-4721E74D590D.jpeg E95C3F75-341A-4B92-A731-9969B6B8FE32.jpeg EFF0C6B0-4C96-43C3-8464-FD65C036FE0E.jpeg 6951B3F3-5B15-477F-9801-C02461BA2165.jpeg E3361CD9-7A2D-4AB2-A01B-239AE1F1EAFB.jpeg A00BAC60-1A54-47FA-80CB-4A96557E1F21.jpeg A785FFE1-351F-49FB-A10E-B42D73F168DB.jpeg

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