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  1. Hey there, I'm wanting to get a cost effective bass that I can tune BEAD for the odd songs my band does in different tunings and as a back up for my jass bass.

    First of all are there any basses you would recommend or stear clear of? I'm consiering an ibanez GSR200 right now. I can spend more than that but it seems that you get £300+ worth for £180 with these!

    Second can someone please point me in the direction of the best way to go BEAD? Ideally a link to the best tutorial thread!

    thankyou very much in advance!
  2. also considering ESP B-50 and viper 104. better or worse than the ibanez?
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    I used my bass that I bought from Rondo. The Essex '62 P bass in Lake Placid Blue. It worked perfectly for that. I first tried just using the original strings to tune down and then I had the nut changed for larger .125 - B string. I almost prefered the sound with a .105 - E(B) string. It seemed a little more active. You really do not need a special bass to run BEAD. More than likely you just need a very good set up.