BITE custom basses from Austria

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  1. gln1955

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    Aug 25, 2014
    Ohio, USA
    Unequivocal salesspeak BS.
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  2. I do enjoy passive, ATM everything I play is basically passive. However, if I have to point one thing where (good) active circuitries have an advantage, is the inherent control of how treble roll-off intervenes and its definition. Especially from a (mainly) P bass player perspective, I am not saying that I don't like how "the" passive tone pot works, but I wouldn't call it "clearly defined" with all the treble going to the pot, nor is the roll-off very gradual and surgical. In fact, I've personally put a 0.033 cap in my split-coil P instead of the conventional 0.047 and 0.1 - and I've tried most of them from 0.1 to 0.22 - as it retains more definition when rolled to zero, with the distinctive passive bump on a higher (and more defined) midrange frequency. That's my personal preference, anyway, and I do repeat that I enjoy how passive tone works, its inherent resonance when zeroed and the way it smoothly and organically rolls off some edge when turned a little, but I don't see it as a precise EQ intervention. Unless you are talking of your own passive electronics, of course, of which I don't have any hands-on experience, or are meaning "you clearly distinguish the pitch however the tone is set", which I then completely agree.

    I still can't fully understand the direct correlation between passive and the attack of notes, I have to admit. I know what attack is, anyway. There are some intrinsic factors that definitely contribute to have an edgier attack and more pronounced transient (vs. sustain) on the overall character and dynamics of an instrument, for instance single pole pieces directly under the strings (eg. single coil "51-style" Ps, Music Man pickups...), how is the "passive" factor contributing towards it?

    I guess "undistorted sound curve" mainly means "uncompressed by onboard circuitry" rather than "breaking up/overdriving", but I might be wrong...
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  3. wintremute

    wintremute mediocrity at its finest

    Oct 16, 2014
    Endorsing Artist: Langstrom Carrot Farms
    I swear I heard a mic drop after this posted.
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  4. flameknight00


    Jan 20, 2019
    hey guys,

    just purchased two bite pickups for my fretless jazz bass. Ill be installing them tomorrow. Cant really record properly enough for studio quality but should be able to make a video and post it here for opinions. So far the customer service was very cool and adressed all my questions.
    Ill most likely play some simple bass lines. Im excited and curious to see how everything sounds.
  5. flameknight00


    Jan 20, 2019
    All right, so it seems that I can't edit the post to have an update so I will just post my feedback so far with installing and everything.
    My bass is a MIM 2000 or 2001 jazz bass. I ordered two neck pickups with reverse polarities ( He actually asked me how to wire it and how he should set the polarity of the pickups and I had to read about it for a while to understand and give him an answer ).
    The electronics and the pickups came prewired ( 200 euro's in Romania ). I have little to no experience with pickups and electronics, but using some videos on youtube , coupled with the fact that I did not need soldering almost at all ( the bridge had to be connected to the tone ) made this process extremely easy !
    The fretless and la bella gold flats on it sound a bit too dull for me, but I figured I would use them on this bass anyway, as my main bass would be the opposite of it ( nordstrand clean & clear with nyxl d'addarios ) and I don't need to change them at all since they are flatwounds
    Before installing the pickups and electronics I had lots of issues with it that are now resolved ( the pickups would be very noisy when changing the volume and lots of background noise with no thump ).

    Now the part that interests most of the people : how do they sound ?
    I am very pleased with them. My option was between the warm and wooly from nordstrand the these bite pickups and after playing a while on it,I must say I am very pleased with the sound of it.
    I feel like this is a brand new bass ( I finally got a good sounding fretless ! ) and I can use it with my jazz band.
    The pickups sound very interesting. Depending on the way you play, you can get a very agresive rock sound out of it, or a mellow jazz vibe ( similar to an upright bass ). The bass does not need any EQ at all as it sounds wonderful without processing , which is another plus for me.
    The only thing I regret now is that I have flatwounds on it ! But maybe they will grow on me or I will change the strings. I will try to upload a simple melody tomorrow as I am very self conscious when recording.

    tl;dl : I consider to have a new bass with these pickups changed and feel like these are similar to nordstrand / aguilar in terms of quality and sound ( but a different character to them ).
  6. How did you get hold of the pickups? I didn't think they were sold as spares.
  7. flameknight00


    Jan 20, 2019
    They sell them here : BITE Custom Bass Configurator

    He also recommended I go with the harness as well since the pickups are soo loud, it wouldnt sound good without it.
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  8. That makes no sense at all.
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  9. flameknight00


    Jan 20, 2019
    Most likely it has some sound attenuation to it ... Have no idea actually.
    My active bass since it has a higher output usually sounds off when it's used on a normal input on an amp if the volume is at max, maybe it's something similar.
    Of course, I could change and have the pickups put on my old electronics just to test, but I won't do that since those were pretty bad anyway.

    Maybe someone with more experience on this could give a more thorough explanation
  10. I've read all four pages of this, and I got to stop for a little while. My Weird-S**t-Meter just bent the needle as it went into the red . . . . . . gotta find a repair shop when it quits smoking . . . . . .
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  11. flameknight00


    Jan 20, 2019
    all right,

    I managed to record something on my fretless.
    I really hate recording but I will do my best if more recordings are required.
    So far it seems that with the flatwounds and fretless, it has a peak in the low mids ( around 100-120 hz ).
    I like. I might raise the pickups a bit more.
    Let me know if I should try to experiment different techniques on it and post it ( be mindful that I'm playing a fretless with flatwounds so tapping won't sound that good for example .)

    Edit : sorry for the timing, as I said before, I really hate recording :)

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  12. BITE Guitars

    BITE Guitars Commercial User

    Oct 13, 2019
    Vienna, Austria, Europe
    BITE Custom Guitars Vienna
    Thank you for your kind words.

    We get a lot of 'can you do this' and 'can you do that', and luckily we can often, though I'm afraid not always, the reason not being our lack of intention, but technical limitations of our special production process. We elaborate on this in our SECRET MENU. However, we're constantly striving to expand our options.

    1. 3T Sunburst: we are working on including a color chart of special body colors, pls check back to our secret menu soon.
    2. Traditional logo on long headstock: yes, we can do that.
    3. Brass nut and 4. Hipshot bridge: We only have limited options of hardware on stock, but as long as such special wishes are available in the right dimensions, we'll be happy to install them.
    5. PJ on a P body: yes, we can do that.
    6. Unmarked fretboard: sorry, not available as of now.
    7. Fretless: not available as of now, possibly at some time.

    Here's how to go about such special wishes. Build your bass in our CONFIGURATOR as far as our standard options allow and then hit ASK US A QUESTION. Write us your extra wishes in the ASK US form or send us an email. If you have a concrete hardware source in mind, send us the link, it saves us time and ultimately saves you money. We'll get back to you with further questions or finally a price quotation. Btw, the same is true for anyone's personal artwork. The less time it takes us, the less we need to charge.

    Thank you for sharing your experience! Just to clarify, his MIM Jazz has two single coils of identical length in neck and bridge position (92mm), whereas our pickups have standard lengths (92mm neck, 95mm bridge) so I asked him how he wanted his BITE replacement pickups wired and offered to reverse the polarity of one of our neck pickups free of charge so he can have standard jazz wiring again.

    We don't do BS, we live in a different world altogether. I don't blame you for saying so, you don't know us. Our bios are in the open on our ABOUT US page, but here's the short version. Our core team is three guys, our technical guy graduated with honors from one of Europe's most demanding luthier schools, our bass man has two university degrees in bass under his belt, and I spent my past in banking and enjoy every second of meticulously building basses now instead of meticulously crunching numbers. We all have our reputations at stake. Rather than dismissing us wholesale, kindly be referred to my post #55 above and let's have a conversation about our ideas.

    @EmaTheMirror I appreciate your observations, tech talk has its limitations, let me try to also give true-life illustrations on what I mean.

    1. We offer a 14-day return policy, no questions asked, not only on our ready-made basses but even on our custom basses. That's way in excess of mandatory EU cancellation right. We have not had a single return up to now.

    2. We always invite prospects to come see us in Vienna. Kindly make an appointment, bring your own bass, even bring your trusted amp if you want, and test our basses. When people come we show them around, have a chat, let them take as many of our basses as they want and show them into our winter garden. There we have a cosy little test setup waiting, a combo, an amp and various headphones to choose from. We let people do their testing while we mind our own business. To this date I am still waiting on the first one to step out of that winter garden and tell me he liked the sound of his old bass better than ours.

    3. I never thought people would buy more than one bass from us anytime soon. We don't even have customer registration in our webshop. Turns out that already two of our customers bought a second bass from us, in fact one of them just three days after receiving his first BITE. Both customers have serious bass collections, they know exactly what they are doing, and in both cases we sold PJ variations and 3-pickup configurations, so both knew that they were getting exactly the same single and split coil pickups from us again. Who would repeatedly buy the same sound if not 100% convinced the first time round?

    I am aware those are only snapshots, we're gonna get return shipments and there will be folks liking their old basses more than ours and we will of course not regard it as an offence. Still, I see all this as reassuring evidence that our idea of sound does indeed make a difference to the majority of bass players.

    It does, it's called physics. Buy a set of our pickups and run them with your wiring, then swap your wiring for ours, then come again.
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  13. Physics, eh? What specifically does this loom consist of? Looks like a standard Jazz loom to me, using mini pots (hopefully CTS or Bourns at that price).
  14. RichSnyder

    RichSnyder Columbia, MD Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 19, 2003
    Different pot values that play more nicely with their pickups that have a goal of very high output. mV output isn’t listed on pickups very often because there are many factors in play such as string height, how hard the strings are played, composition of the string, etc. So we normally just see DC resistance which is easy to measure. A Strat pickup is around 100 mV.

    So you don’t need the harness to prevent a fire in your control cavity, but the tones will be more pleasing with better matched components with the goal of much higher output. The pickups would probably sound dark with conventional 250k volume and tone pots.
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  15. davidbuesomora


    Jul 1, 2020
    Hi, all!

    I will like to offer you a small review and impressions based on the custom bass that Bite has build for me recently.

    Here you have a link to a video I just uploaded to show some sound samples:

    Now, my impressions (FYI: I am no endorser nor commercial-related to Bite, just a satisfied customer that wants to share the experience):
    • Company: The buying process was really simple, and Wolfwang and the team was always top notch on providing support, answering my questions and providing ideas and suggestions. That's in deed how the double J humbucker came to life. These guys really care about what they do (for example they decided to redo the backplate engraving because they were not 100% satisfied the first one, of course with no additional cost).
    • Bass build: Once it arrived I examinated it carefully and the finish and build quality was just perfect. It's in the light side (3,8 Kg), it resonates a lot, it does not have dead spots nor unbalanced volume notes on the fretboard, stays in tune perfectly well, etc. Absolutely flawless.
    • Bass playability: Being a custom bass it's build under my specs so I was expecting it to be confortable to play, but I have to say that it is even better than expected. The low D profile on the neck and the 38" nut width makes it super confortable and the neck finish makes moving around very fast.
    • Bass sounds: Most of the tone for an electric instrument comes from the electronics. I have to say that I was a little bit worried about the high output pickups as I have always prefered old vintage low output passive electronics for both guitars and basses but, again, this J pickups have surprised me a lot. They are pretty much neutral sounding, with great dynamics and they growl in a pleasant way if you dig hard. The combination of single/parallel/series with the double J humbucker they build adds quite a few versatile sounds, combined with a tone pot that actually works and you get usable tones within the whole range. And even in series mode the output is not destroying my inputs on the soundcard, amps and stompboxes, it sounds just full and rich.
    Honestly I have nothing bad to say about it, it's just that good. You may like or not the looks, the tones, etc. but from a quality point of view, these bass are built insanely good.

    Thanks for reading this far, I hope this is usefull to anyone that wants to know a bit more about this basses.

    Best regards
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  16. wintremute

    wintremute mediocrity at its finest

    Oct 16, 2014
    Endorsing Artist: Langstrom Carrot Farms
    Welcome to TB. I see that this is your first post...and you included a video! What an entrance!

    What other basses have you owned? Is this going to replace any of those basses? What type of music do you generally play?
  17. davidbuesomora


    Jul 1, 2020
    Hi @wintremute , thanks for the welcome!

    Is there a "presentation" topic where I can just introduce myself, or shall I just comment here?

    Well as you asked, I have had:
    • G&L 2000
    • Rickenbacker 4003 replica (do not kill me, please )
    • Cort B5
    • Fender Precision and Jazzbass
    And now I have:
    • This wonderfull Bite
    • Vintage MM-like 5 strings
    • LTD PJ 4 strings (will go away)
    • LTD J 5 strings (same)
    • Orange O bass (same)
    Regarding the video, i uploaded another one with the same playing but just the DI tones, no postprocessing nor drums. More boring to watch but just in case someone is interested in the pure tones of the bass:

    Best regards!

    PS: I mainly listen rock and heavy music but for playing bass I like R&B, Soul and Funk stuff too ;)
  18. shoulderpet


    Sep 24, 2015
    Am interested in the Bite P pickup, I like high output pickups for the ballsy tone you generally get and it seems this may be a good alternative to the usual Model P and Quarter pounder pickups , how do these sound tonally?
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  19. BITE Guitars

    BITE Guitars Commercial User

    Oct 13, 2019
    Vienna, Austria, Europe
    BITE Custom Guitars Vienna
    Thanks for asking!

    You'll find P sound samples with round and flatwounds here: Body & Sound - BITE Guitars

    Kamil Pyrek played around with our Roxanne reverse P here:

    Here you'll find our JP vs PJ bass-off:

    Here's Bass Magazine's JP review:

    For the German speakers, here's the P review of Gitarre & Bass magazine. I quote, "Intelligent modular design. Meticulously built. Healthy output. Convincing in every respect."
    Gitarre & Bass Review - BITE Guitars
  20. shoulderpet


    Sep 24, 2015
    Thank you, that is very helpful, I think I will have to purchase the P pickup, do you currently produce any short scale basses?
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