Black Arts Toneworks Fuzz Comparsion

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    Hey guys. I am a huge fan of the Black Arts Toneworks fuzz pedals, and have owned a few of them. I figured I'd put up a comparison video of 3 of their circuits.

    I've been using the Sarcophagus the last few months (The Pharaoh and LSTR in one box), but recently decided to try the Black Sheep. I've decided to keep the Black Sheep, as it fits my tone a little better. Before the Sarcophagus sells, I figured this would be a good opportunity to compare all 3.

    The youtube video description explains the signal chain

    My overall summary is:

    Pharoah: Gated muff style fuzz, with extreme versatility with gi/lo gain knob and the germanium, silicon, and no clipping diode swtich. It has TONS of low-end, and is probably the best overall fuzz

    LSTR: Most extreme sounding fuzz of the 3. Has extreme amounts of gain on tap. The Tone knob really goes from a muddy dark sounding, to an ear piercing high.

    Black Sheep: Smoothest sounding of the 3, with the least amount of gate. Isn't as versatile tone-wise as the other 2, but IMO has the best sound for bass that would work in a band mix. It has a nice round low-end with plenty of punch.

    Here are some pictures of the pedals so you can read the knob labels, as it's kind of hard to see in the video.

    20180412_144231.jpg 20180412_144237.jpg
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