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  1. Looking for some feedback on the Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh fuzz pedal. Currently using a WH Swollen Pickle, which I like, but it's still not quite the sound I'm hearing in my head. Yes, I've tweaked the SP's internal controls.

    Any feedback on the Pharaoh is appreciated.
  2. HugoBazZ


    May 12, 2013
    Bump for interest ! :D
  3. johnk_10

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    IMO, I the Pharoah's a nice pedal. even though they're both based on a BMP they sound completely different, and IMO, it's ALOT easier to get a good sound out of it than a Swollen Pickle since the SP has so much variance with all of its controls. that said, I dig the swollen pickle just as much.
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  4. So I ended up ordering a BAT Pharaoh, and it's suppose to be delivered today. As soon as I get get home tonight, I'll be comparing it to the WH Swollen Pickle. One will be staying on my board...
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  5. HugoBazZ


    May 12, 2013
    thank you!!

    really want some feed on this pedal :D
  6. +1.
  7. First, let me say that I really liked the Way Huge Swollen Pickle. Once you have set the internal Voice and Clip potentiometers to your taste, you really can create a variety of great BMP-style fuzz tones that work wonderfully on bass. With that being said, it just was not the "sound" I was looking for. I found that the low-end frequencies that the Swollen Pickle generated were a bit overwhelming for my current set-up. There is a definite reason that Jeorge Tripps printed "Jumbo Fuzz" right on top of the pedal! Also, it did not have the particular high mid-range content I wanted in my fuzz tone. I definitely recommend this pedal for anyone who wants that BMP sound, and has the patience to really fine-tune all the variables of the pedal. I would think that the SP would destroy in a dub step musical setting! So with all this being said, the Pickle has been pulled off my board to make room for the Pharaoh.

    Last night, I spent only a couple of hours exploring the BAT Pharaoh fuzz but so far I absolutely love it! The low-end appears to be transparent and natural sounding, while providing a ripping fuzz sound. I definitely like the combination of the tone stack and high-end control! It is very easy to dial in a great tone, without it becoming shrill or brittle. I was finding the choice between germanium, silicone, or bypassed diodes very cool, and I really need to spend more time investigating these options. So far, I have created a bypassed diode, medium fuzz sound, which stacks very well with my Vintage Microtubes and Linden EQ pedals. Very happy! More review to come…
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  8. HugoBazZ


    May 12, 2013
    Thank you!!!

    looking forward for more info :)

    soundclips mabye? ;)
  9. DeltaPhoenix

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    Apr 6, 2011
    The Pharoah is a great pedal, I really liked it stacked into an OD. I liked the BAT LSTR pedal a little bit more though. It seems like it started right where I liked the Pharaoh and then had a bit more to give.
  10. I have heard that the BAT LSTR pedal has more dirt, but with my "always on" being a DG Vintage Microtubes, I am using the Pharaoh to overdrive the VMT. Same thing as you would do with a regular amplifier set-up. I do like how it stacks with my chorus and phaser also.
  11. HugoBazZ


    May 12, 2013
    any chance that we can get some sound clips?
  12. Sir Sly Ry

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    May 21, 2013
    I'm going to get a fuzz or distortion pedal eventually, and right now BAT has my attention. The Pharaoh seems to be pretty rad on bass but most videos seem to have it paired with another pedal. I'm wondering how it sounds on a totally clean tone.

    I'd be curious to hear how the LSTR sounds on bass as well.

    I don't think I'd be using fuzz/distortion a whole lot in my music writing, but sometimes I'd like to be able to turn on something heavy and just crush it. But I'd still like the fuzz or distortion to have some clarity as I tend to play two or three notes at a time quite a bit (lots of opens that I let ring out for example).

    Any suggestions for me?

    edit: And my bass is active by the way, not sure if that will make a difference.
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    Dec 14, 2011
    Shameless bump!

    Might be getting one of these within this month, anyone else who had/has one could share their opinions or experiences?
  14. I really enjoy this pedal's tweakability, and the various voices you can achieve. You can get a fairly clean sound or more of a raw sound depending on your settings. It gets pretty hairy if needed, but stops short of fuzz (my opinion). Tone and distortion knobs are consistent/predictable (no surprises, I count this as a plus). It plays well with most of my pedals (Eden WTDI, VT Bass, MXR BEF) but didn't like following my Wren & Cuff or going into my MXR Octave pedal. In the Pharaoh's defense, I'm finding the Octave pedal doesn't like most other pedals I have/had...
  15. K2000


    Nov 16, 2005
    I don't know any bass players using the Pharaoh (this is the first time I've seen bass players say they use it), but g____r players seem to LOVE it.
  16. Matt Dean

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    I resurrecting this thread because I just picked up a Black Arts Pharaoh, and I'm really digging it. First, I feel very at home with the Pharaoh; I've had a number of muff variants and love the general tone of a muff. But the Pharaoh, has germanium and silicon diodes for added tonal variation, which sound awesome to me. Anyway, I've been pleasantly surprised by how much I like the Pharaoh and thought I'd pump some life into this thread.