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Black finger?.. and other EHX

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by chips, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. gday guys

    Just wondering if any one has had any experience using the black finger by EHX, and some of the other FX apart from muff,qtron and bassballs on bass??

  2. I've got a Small Clone(US) and a Bassballs(Russian) and I'm very happy with both. From my experience EHX make quality gear at good prices.

    Just wait for tpylons to get around, he'll indulge all your EHX questions.
  3. cool. yeh ive got the big muff (russian).. but theres something about their products, they just look so cool, and reading about them they sound like they are really cool.
  4. hehe, yeah. I also think so. I really love how they designed all those tube pedals.
    Unfortunately I don't use any EHX gear, but SOON I'll get a EHX English Muff'n Tube Overdrive, and with this purchase I hope to finally have a overdrive unit, I really like (not like the boss bass overdrive and the GT´6b OD sounds) and one that adds some tube warmth to my sterile SWR.