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SOLD Black Korina PJ Warmoth body w/Aero pickups

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by bhoff5150, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. bhoff5150

    bhoff5150 Supporting Member

    I saw this body on the Warmoth site and couldn't pass it up. Most of us have been there. Black Korina top on a Black Korina back. I dropped in my favorite pickups - Aero Type 1 single coils. Added my favorite bridge - Badass Bass II with factory grooves for adjustable string spacing. Standard V/V/T wiring with an orange drop tone capacitor. I had the back routed for a double battery box which is included. I never mounted it. I wasn't sure if I would add a Nordstrand active/passive preamp later or keep her passive. So I had the back routed this way to house the battery in one slot and the Nordstrand pre in the other if I wend that path. Obviously, the choice is now yours.

    I liked her best with an all black pick guard which is mounted. But before I settled on that one, I also picked up a Black/White/Black pickgaurd and of course a Tort pick guard. All 3 will come with the body so you can decide for yourself.

    Aero pickups are friggin awesome and were $275 alone. The bridge was hard to find with factory grooves, and the body wasn't cheap either. I'm taking a loss (like we always do) but I bought another bass, and need to sell some stuff to pay for it...

    The body loaded as described weighs an even 7 pounds on my bathroom scale.

    IMG_1414.JPG IMG_1415.JPG IMG_1416.JPG IMG_1417.JPG IMG_1419.JPG IMG_1420.JPG IMG_1421.JPG IMG_1422.JPG
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  2. PJFlatts


    Sep 4, 2014
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  3. bhoff5150

    bhoff5150 Supporting Member

    Thanks. My pics are horrible from my cell phone and do not do it justice.
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  4. bhoff5150

    bhoff5150 Supporting Member

    Will part this out if you want.

    I would do $200 on the Aero pickups and $200 on the unloaded body.
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