Black limba jazz body/Status neck - pickups?

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    Jan 28, 2013

    yeah, I´ve used the search, read the threads and seen more youtube than needed. That being said I´m still asking for your help as I am not that well versed on things Bass :meh:

    So... What we´re dealing with here is the following:

    - Black limba jazz body with (the "norm") 60´s pickup placement
    - Status graphite replacement jazz neck
    - Babicz bridge
    - passive...?
    - 4 strings ;)

    The rest... That´s what I am asking you guys! - so I am hesitant on what pickups to go for.

    Sure they can be changed later on but I´d prefer hitting the bulls-eye or at least close from the get go. I like the idea of passive more than active but can be persuaded towards active (yes, I´ve thought about the J-Retro Audere) and as long as there are no unnecessary fiddlings in the way and it sounds good in passive mode as well - I like to keep the control panel as clean and simple as possible. So preferably passive, but...

    That leaves us with the question of pickups?

    My old jazz bass which has a maple neck and alder body has The DiMarzio J´s (DP123) which I like on said alder body with maple neck. Based on what I´ve heard on the tube, I also very much like the Lindy Fralins as well as Dome Sanctus and Nordstrands.... Lindy appearing as no #1.

    I´ve never had a carbon neck before so I guess it´ll be somewhat clean and transparent, the black limba body bringing necessary warmth so it does no appear too sterile.

    So what do we want from the sound? - We need this thing to be a good all-rounder with emphasis on rock, funk & disco. - We need this thing to growl and burp (saddly the pickup placement is not "70´s" so the pickups need to back that up) yet be smooth, warm and pristine when needed. I am willing to pay for as long as I am paying for the sound I want.

    Sooooooooo.... Whaddya recommend???


    All help is much appreciated!


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    I have owned several graphite Js and still own a status J.

    You will already have lower mids with that bod wood so go with that wind