Black pick up jazz bass cover

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  1. Hey! A Japanese chick bassist, like me!! (well, I am half Japanese!)
    I guess first you have to figure out what kind of bass that is, and then call music stores and then maybe they can order it for you?
    or go to different site, like this perhaps?
    good luck!
  2. I'm sorry for killing your feeling but .. that's no a girl hehehe, he's a boy.. if you're japanese then You must know about the crossplayers, right? so just leting all clear, and thankis for your help ;)
  3. I just saw legs...and not upper part of body..oops my wrong..:rollno:
  4. Don't worry **** happens, I thought the same when i first saw him playing xD just saw legs but not that plain chest hahaha xD!
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    Dec 18, 2004
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    May have to have it powder coated in black