BLACK SABBATH Bassist's Rare 1986 Demo Recording Available For Download

Discussion in 'News & PR' started by TalkBass, Dec 18, 2005.

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    Mar 12, 2004
    <p>Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler has uploaded a special Christmas gift to his fans on his web site — a downloadable MP3 from the Geezer Butler band back in 1986. <a href="">Read more.</a></p>
  2. Wow, considering this is a Geezer tune, this is crap. Sorry, but I can see why it was never released.

    Give me any Sabbath with Geezer and Ozzy (except "Am I going Insane Radio" from Sabotage and a coupe of stinkers off of "Never Say Die"). Or some Geezer with Dio - they had some great moments with "Heaven and Hell" and "Mob Rules" - the song "Slipping Away" still kicks some serious bass butt.

    Where's the "real" good stuff Geezer?
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