SOLD Black Schaller Tuners, Gotoh Bridge and T-bird PG

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    Some black hardware items up for sale today.
    -Take them all for $75 shipped.
    -Indivdual prices do not include shipping.

    TRADED $60 I've got a "new" set of Black Schaller BMFL tuning machines in 11/16". Made in Germany. Bushings are included but no mounting screws. In original, very-battered box. I say "new" because I bought these from GC 15 years ago and they had clearly been opened then. It's possible they were briefly on someone's bass, but they don't show any signs of it. The screws are missing because I "borrowed" them for a project many years ago.

    TRADED $15-Gotoh Japan brass bridge. Quickchange toploader with interesting vertical barrel design that creates alot of contact between saddle and bridge. Seems to be missing underside screws (one is broken off, see picture) but it doesn't don't affect performance. 5 black mounting screws included. Have not been able to find any information on this unusual bridge but it does say "Gotoh Japan" on the bottom.

    SOLD$12- Goth Thunderbird pickguard (black PG screws included)

    GONE-8 black pickup screws. Will throw these in for free to someone buying any of the items above.

    Note: The allparts jackplate is not available.

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