black stripe on tip of guitar/patch cables

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  1. I noticed that on the tip of certain patch cables or guitar cables there is sometimes a black stripe (and sometimes a white stripe or no stripe at all) on the male end. What exactly is this? Does this have something to do with grounding and/or hum? Should it have the black stripe in my effects chain and instrument cable?
    I know this is a wicked newbie question, but please someone help me out here with this.
  2. there should always be that strip, its because it seperates the 2 parts of the connector, one part is live one is not

    and on stereo jacks there is 2 strips, because there are 2 live bits and one thats not, if you get what i mean
  3. So every cord should have the black stripe? I'm still a little confused. What happens if you use it and theres no black stripe?
    Why would they make a cord without the black stipe, if its a good thing to have one? I've seen them without the black stripe, but with a white indent instead, almost like the black stipe is missing, but theres room for one.
  4. the white indent is just the same

    all it is is a plastic strip that seperates the 2 different connectors, when you stick a jack in, it makes 2 connections, one on the shaft, one on the tip