Black widow and Kappalite 3015 in separated chambers

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  1. hello there, it's been a few months since i've trolled around here, anyway i'm looking for some opinions on an idea...

    i currently play a p-bass through an old peavey 215 (shallow) cab retro fitted with two kappalite 3015s (non-LF). i am not sure what the cab is tuned to, but they are in separate chambers, each around 2.6 cu.ft. it sounds very mid-rangey, which is alright, but at times seems a little too much. i EQ flat with the bright function engaged, i believe it is at 5khz, to give me a little more clarity. when i upgraded this box i put the old original black widow (OLD!) in a DIY box with 3.2 cu.ft. tuned to 46ish hz. the BW sounds good, well mellower mids. i simply could just EQ out the mids on the 215, but was wondering (without actually trying it) about putting the original BW in one chamber and a kappalite 3015 in the other, getting a mixture of both. if so, does the BW go on top or bottom? :bassist:
  2. I don't think there's a short cut here. Give it a shot and tell US how it works. :cool:
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    Nov 5, 2005
    If you think it's sound is preferrable, I'd put it on the top - that way, you'll hear it more...

    - georgestrings
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    I am not a fan of just sticking new speakers in any old box. Most times it won't work properly as you have discovered. However is the 2x15 lined with foam or insulation. If not you should line the cabinet with 2" of insulation and see if it helps.

    Failing that you can go back to the beginning and model the cabinet and see what ports might help the Eminence drivers work in the box.

  5. hey thanks for the word, thats probably exactly what i'm missing... lining! i remember ripping out the old disintegrated stuff awhile back, and i think i have an old pillowy mattress topper ive heard works best for the money. i searched and naturally Bill Fitz had the best knowledge of it... it doesnt increase low end sensitivity, but flattens out your mid response. sounds like thats the ticket.
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    May 22, 2006
    Yep, lining will help that. Also if the cab is divided into 2 completly separate chambers, feel free to stick the old BW in there to see if you like the sound of it, won't hurt anything. You'll hear the speaker that's on top better than the one that's hitting you in the back of the knees.