SOLD BLAMMO! SLOB (Clean Octave Blend clone)

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    A fantastic quality octave-up pedal that works excellent stand-alone or to drive a muff type fuzz into insanity (as I was using it). Very good condition: perfect working order but some scratches on the back. $120 includes shipping within USA. Zelle or Paypal friends and family preferred due to recent IRS reporting burdens (negotiable).

    The SLOB is the BLAMMO! version of the COB, but with a few convenient updates. For those who don't know, the COB, or Clean Octave Blend, was/is a pedal from Prescription Electronics that takes the classic Octavia circuit (used by Jimi Hendrix) and adds more output volume plus a blend control that allows users to mix clean guitar signal with a mid gain analog octave up fuzz tone.

    First, we upgrade the old clicky style footswitch to a no-click relay based true-bypass switching system that's rated for 3x as many cycles. Second, we shrink the enclosure and use top mounted in/out and power jacks making it more compact and pedalboard friendly. Then, we match the forward voltage of the signal path diodes to maximize the octave effects analog stang. A beefed up power filtering section cleans up more of the hiss and hum plus a polarity protection diode safeguards against potential damage if the wrong power adapter is accidentally plugged in.

    - True Bypass
    - No Click Footswitch
    - Board mounted Alpha pots with dust covers
    - High quality components
    - Teflon coated wiring
    - UV printed graphic
    - Green LED indicator
    - Accepts the standard 2.1mm center negative 9 volt DC adapter (Boss style)
    - Current Draw : 32ma

    Handmade with care in Portland Oregon

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