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Blast Cult LowLifes

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by blindeddie, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. i just got a set of the new Blast Cult LowLifes steel strings. Played em at home the other day and had band practice last night. I gotta say, i love these strings! I am so stoked to have finally found these. I have a jazz background but i love rockabilly as well. I have always struggled with the right strings and I have always wanted a set of strings that could cover any type of gig... well, almost any... i really don't play arco very much, so that is not important to me. but i wanted a string that sounded great for soloing over changes, walking jazz lines, or rockabilly slap. I always loved spirocores for jazz but hated them for rockabilly. i think guts are OK for the D and G if your playing rockabilly, but the E and A are always horrible. i have to say, i haven't even tried them with the bow yet, but i will later. that's just not a factor for me personally. but anyway, the LowLifes are great all the way around in my opinion. not only are they great for slapping, but they have all the definition and focus you need for fingerstyle jazz as well. amazing punch and definition. awesome depth and penetration with a bright, detailed top end that is great for soloing. nice even, responsive tension across all the strings. i couldn't be happier. and they are pretty cheap too by comparison. i guess i am ordering another set so i will have a backup just in case.
  2. finally got around to testing them with the bow last night and guess what? they sound good for arco as well... not that i'm that great with a bow, but still, they sound damn good all the way around. nothing but great things to say about these strings!
  3. HotRoded


    Jun 6, 2003
    Thx for your review, very informative.

    On what Bass did you put the LowLifes?
  4. i put 'em on my main and currently, my only bass. i don't know who made it but i'm pretty sure its an old german plywood about 50 years old or so. i friggin' love this bass. so much in fact that i sold my romanian carved bass 'cuz this one is all i want to play. it sounds and plays so much better and i don't have to worry about cracks and BS that i kept having to deal with on my carved bass.
    but anyway, the strings are super cool! i just keep on diggin 'em. and i hope they don't start jacking up the price once people start to find out how good they are.

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