BLASTED!!! What is wrong with my amp?? HELP MAAAAEEE

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  1. It is my Peavey T-Max 210 Combo.. Great amp, until last night. :bawl: And I hope it is nothing big... I was playing and my guitarist asked if something was "buzzing".. I thought it was fret buzz (my Ibanez needs a set up)... Then I moved and heard this "rattle/buzz" when I attacked the lower strings. Very noticable on say the 7th to 8th fret on the E string...

    The strange thing, was when I turned on my phaser and flanger, there was no rattle/buzz.. Once I turned them off - I got that sound again..

    At lower volumes, and even on the D and G, it wasn't really there... I didn't see any tears in the speakers... But then again, I didn't have time to tear into the cabinet last evening.. They are the original speakers.

    Any help, insight, similar issues would be greatly appreciated.
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    May 11, 2004
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    Well, if it goes away when certain effects are one, then I would say it's not physically related to the insrument. I assume the phaser and flanger might be cutting your lows a bit, so that may be why it is not happenening when the effects are engaged.

    Granted you checked for tears, but did you check to see if there were any creases?
  3. I didn't check for creases - I am going to pull the grill off tomorrow (I did the flashlight checkeroo) - it is at our practice facility. I just didn't have time to (screaming) do (wife) it (syndrome) last night after practice.. :meh: