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  1. LittleHetzel


    Aug 15, 2001
    hey, its jon again ( the guy that doesn't know anything)

    I am searching around for different basses on ( not that i am going to get another, just for ****s and giggles mainly) and i have noticed that for some products there are like normal ones, and then ones with the word "BLEM" in the name. What does this mean? I have also noticed that theres a significant price difference, the ones with "blem" are less. Why is this? thanks for any info,

  2. i'm not sure but an educated guess would be that they are guitars with defects in the manufacturing process and this is why they are cheaper
  3. Blackbird

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    Mar 18, 2000
    If my imagination's working correctly, I believe "blem" is short for "BLEMished".

    Hope I'm not going on a limb with this one...:rolleyes: :p
  4. phogchris


    May 27, 2000
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    I do not think that they are manufacturing defects, just shipping and/or warehouse damaged goods, but, as usual, I could be wrong...
  5. SuperDuck


    Sep 26, 2000
    I think I read something like "A minor scratch or dent that affects physical looks only, leaving the item in full functionality" or some crap like that. There are some good deals in there.

    Funny story, my friend got an Ampeg 4x10 cab from MF's Blem sale, and when he got it one of the drivers didn't work. He sent it back, (the whole cab, not the driver) and they mailed him a brand spankin new one! I can't attest that they'll do that with everyone, that's just what I heard from him.
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  7. Yeah, that's what a blem is. I've bought a few from MF, and you're kind of taking your chances. Most of the time, they're just things that have been returned by customers, and there's nothing wrong; maybe the instruction package has been opened and there are some fingerprints. On the other hand, I've known a couple of people who got the same blem 75 Jazz reissue that had an unevenly cut skunk stripe in the neck--the skunk stripe wasn't flush with the rest of the back of the neck. Fender wouldn't honour the warranty, and after the first guy sent it back to MF, MF just put it back on sale again. I have a feeling that MF just puts things back on sale, because a couple of blems I've received came in boxes that were really thrashed and had the original return labels still attached. One time, I got a DeArmond Starfire and it didn't have any packing material in the box!
  8. SMG

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    Apr 17, 2000
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    I, also, have gotten a couple of blems from MF. 1) a Dean Performer Plus was in the original shipping box, and actually looked unopened, but had a small finish nick on the top of the headstock (not a bid deal with the savings I got) and 2) a Spector CR4 that also had all the original packing material (minus warrentee card) that, as far as I can find, has two tiny pinholes in the lacquer along one edge, and no other problems ,structural or visual problems, at all. MF also stands behind the blems with their 45 day policy just like new stuff, so it is usually worth taking the chance if they have a good deal on something you want.

  9. SMG

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    Apr 17, 2000
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    I correct myself, Spector NS4-CR.....just too many model names and numbers to always remember right away
  10. flipperwhite


    Jul 12, 2001
    NS CR4FM, actualy:D
  11. i thought it was NSCR4FM, and also, FM is only an option, which is for "Flamed Maple" :p :D
  12. flipperwhite


    Jul 12, 2001
    thats it baby:D
  13. SMG

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    Apr 17, 2000
    metro Detroit
    actually, NSCR4M...solid black, no flame...but for $420, I really didnl't care what color it was!