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  1. edr


    Mar 28, 2019
    I'm probably not going to perform the actual mod, but I've been thinking about what if. I'm new to messing with bass electronics, so this is more of a thought exercise. What would you do and why? Are there options that I completely missed?

    I have a warwick corvette 5 rockbass double buck (I don't think I got the order of words right lol). Passive. There's two volumes and a tone, but also each volume is push-pull to put each humbucker in series or parallel mode. The cavity is a generous enough size that I shouldn't be cramped for space if the wiring gets complicated or I have to add controls.
    I like blend knobs, at least in theory. I see two potential solutions if I really wanted that blend knob:

    1: Volume + Blend + Tone, with one of them being a push-pull that switches both of the humbuckers (Is this possible? Can a double pole do that?).
    Pros: No drilling needed, external appearance is still the same.
    Cons: I can't put one pickup in series and the other in parallel anymore. But then again, I don't think I ever use that. Compensating the volume differences in that situation is pretty annoying, and my ear isn't picky enough yet.

    2: Volume + Blend + tone, with switch(es) for the series/parallel options. Probably 2 linear switches, but could be a single rotary switch too. idk.
    Pros: You can still control series/parallel individually per pickup, and those push-pull pots were too easy to push in by accident anyway
    Cons: Drilling / routing required that could potentially go horribly wrong. Maybe a bigger resale value hit?

    WWTBD (What Would TalkBass Do)?
  2. The series parallel switching uses both poles of the typical 2 pole switch switch you find on push pull pots. You could go volume, blend, tone and have the volume and tone pots be the push pulls.
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    Oct 26, 2010
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  4. edr


    Mar 28, 2019
    Well, I looked up more about push-pull pots and I feel like an idiot... Somehow I imagined the switch and the knob circuits to be tied together somehow instead of being completely separate.

    I feel like individual push pulls on top of master and tone could be fundamentally confusing but I'd get used to it fast enough. It really doesn't seem like there's a better way to not lose functionality.
  5. I have read that there are blend pots with a switch built in but I’ve never needed one so never looked personally. Can’t imagine they’re cheap, though.