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Blending 2 signals with line splitter

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Oreomeister365, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. I would like people opinions on using something like the boss Line splitter (LS-2) to mix two signals paths into one amp.

    I've heard mixed reviews on trying such a thing. I'd want to mix a dirty channel and a clean one, the LS-2 lets me set up 2 signal paths pretty easily and blend their levels. Seems to do basically the same thing as having two separate amps/cabs for the job, but simplified.

    Since I won't be affording a second amp and cab anytime soon to do the whole Justin Chancellor ordeal, I figure this a good poor mans version (not poor, just not have-money-out-the-wazoo-to-spend-on-anything-version)

    Some say it doesn't blend well, some suggest other blenders, but none of the opinions I got were very detailed or solid.

  2. To me a blender is a one knob device that goes from 1:100->50:50->100:0. Blenders, or at least the blending portion of the circuit, are often passive and very simple. ie; one potentiometer does all the mixing. This can lead to interaction between the signals and variations in impedances, which some people probably see as a good thing.

    The LS-2 works more like a classic audio mixer with one knob for each of the two "channels" or signals. Interaction between signals is likely much less than other blenders because the topology used in summing amplifiers is such that the signals are more isolated from each other.

    Don't know if that helps, but that's a fundamental difference between a typical blender and the LS-2.
  3. Sounds pretty ideal actually, as I want to emulate the sound of two completely separate amps mixing, so the more separation the better.
  4. sikamikanico


    Mar 17, 2004
    that's exactly what i'm using my LS-2 for...

    right now i use it as an active blender - the level of the clean signal remains the same, but as soon as i turn on the other line (with effects), the clean level does drop in the mix... I figured that's because of one amp/cab...

    i though that it would work as cheap bi-amping, but now i see the real reason for the second amp - it's the only way to "double" the sound without "messing" the original (clean for example)...

    since i also don't have the money for the second amp (at one point I was even considering selling my ashdown combo and buying two solidstates, which still seems like a possible idea...), i just try to experiment with what i have since a massive, two amp rig wouldn't really work in my band's music and i cannot justify buying all that just for my pleasure (though, if i had the money, i'd do it :p)

    anyway, go for the LS-2, you will find a million ways of using it anyway, it's a good toy to have around...

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