Blending a drum machine with bass amp: what's a good mixer? (TC Electronic RH450 exam

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  1. I have a TC Electronics RH450 amp head.

    It has an aux input, but the signal is only available at the headphones, which is a shame. Sometimes you'd like to hear it through the speakers too.

    A solution for any amp with an FX loop would be to use a small simple mixer to blend the "preamp out/FX send" signal with the drum machine or mp3 player or whatever, and route the output of the mixer to the "power amp in/FX return" socket.

    The signal will be mono, of course.

    Anybody knows of a simple mixer that would do the job?
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    ART and Rolls both make decent little mini mixers which you can find at MF or any major retailer. Just be sure to get an active mixer, not a passive one.