Blistered out my pluckers....

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    Jul 31, 2009
    For the first time in 25 years of playing bass I developed a blister on my miiddle plucking finger. A pretty good one. Recently went back to flats after a year or so with roundwounds I think I lost some of the callous. 4 hour gig last night put a hurtin on me... Luckily no gigs in the near future but it got me thinking, "i bet the guys on TB know how to best deal with this", Wondering what the best approach is if I did have a gig the next night or soon after? Any secret tips? Fill it with super glue ala Flea? Drink whiskey and play through ala Lemmy? Learn to play with my thumb ala Robbie?

    need a hot tip here LOL
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    Mar 10, 2007
    I have always played through or resorted to a pick. I now can not seem to get blisters. It's like one big callus. If you have to gig and the blisters are just too painful then a pick will have to do. I was very surprised how easy it is to play with a pick.
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    Oct 28, 2013
    Rip it off with your teeth and buy a fresh set of SS strings and dig in. Hurts so good!
  4. Play through, but if the crater is too deep you can sand the edges with an emery board or fine sandpaper.
  5. Get a bigger amp and develop a lighter touch. Yeah , I know that's kind of snarky but it worked for me. Years ago on more than one occasion , I had to wrap my pluckers with Band-aids . One Band-Aid over the end of the finger and a second one around it to hold it in place. Surely , not the ideal situation , but it worked in a pinch. Or , as others have stated , use a pick for a while. I've been using Chromes for years and playing through 8 10 cabs so I don't have to dig in or worry about volume. Heck , I don't even have any callouses any more.
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    Superglue. Don't knock it 'till you have tried it.