Blown Fuse in Cab no markings. Need some help

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  1. Hey guys need some help. I have a SWR Triad bass cab with a clown fuse. Not use to having cabs with a Horn as I usually stay away from them lol. Anyways the blown fuse has no markings. Just wondering if if anyone knows what type I need. Would be greatly appreciated. Cab is a SWR Triad l, 4 ohms 400 watt. 20170919_112727.jpg
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    It’s not a fuse per se but usually an Auto lamp of one kind or another. That looks like an interior dome lamp to me. Go to an auto parts store and see if they can match it up.
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    May or may not be this exact model - but hopefully this page maybe helps you with your search:

    "Speaker Crossover Tweeter Protector Lamp" from!

    Edit: it seems like these are the deets from the Triad manual:

    The tweeter protection circuit for SWR Professional Series speaker enclosures includes a size 3AG, 3 amp, 250 volt, fast-blo fuse. Do not replace this with a fuse of a higher rating as it will void your warranty.
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    I'd still go that route for more instant gratification. Given the specs from the manual, armed with the "3AG, 3 amp, 250 volt" details, odds of finding one at an auto parts store are pretty good I'd think (edit: just checked a few websites, maybe not). Or Radio Shack. :crying:
  6. Thanks guys. I walked into Canadian Tire and they were seriously the first thing I saw when I walked into the auto section. Too bad everything in life wasn't that easy lol! 20170919_155323.jpg
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