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Blown Speaker? ............Replacement?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ThePez, Dec 18, 2000.

  1. Hey,

    I was just wanted to solicit a few opinions from the panel. I'm pretty sure I blew one of the 10's in my Redhead. It's making a loud buzz at relativly low volumes on certain notes. I pulled out the speaker in question just to make sure there was nothing rattling inside the cabnet. While there are no noticable tears in the speaker, there seems to be a little flap of paper on the back of the speaker that rattles like crazy when played. Can speakers be repaired or is it best to replace them. If it can be repaired, what do I need and is it worth it.....or should I just replace it. If I need to replace it....what are the best replacment speakers? Keep in mind that I need to get it fixed somehow before this weekend, so I can't be ordering some exotic speakers on-line, because I don't have enough time to wait for it.

    Here are my speaker specs from the Redhead owners manual:

    10" woofer assembly, 2" Hi temp. copper wound high efficiency Kapton voice coil. Massive 60 oz. focused magnet/150 watts RMS.

    Thanks for any suggestions and I'll be calling around to the local shops to see what kind of replacements they carry. Then I'll return and ask those of you who have replaced your own speakers, which one worked the best.

  2. Speakers can be repaired or reconed. I don't know who does this in your area. Find a shop that deals mainly in PA equip and ask there.
  3. You speak about a loose flap of paper, exactly where is it and can you remove it? That may be the problem, if not your best bet would to have the speaker reconed, it's cheaper than getting a replacement.
  4. Thanks guys. I ended up replacing it. I don't know who recones speakers, but I got a brand new replacement for $70. It's an Eminence Alpha-A....300 watts RMS, 56 oz. magnet and 8 ohms. I found out that Eminence makes speakers for SWR. But the SWR brand Eminence was $120 for the same exact speaker.
  5. Wait a minute. You replaced the speaker with another brand and type? While the remaining speaker(s) are still the same? That's not the proper way, I'm sorry to say so. Different speakers may look and sound (about) the same, but react completely different, especially when mounted in one cab. When their resonant frequency and Qtc are a bit off, they will start influencing each other. One speaker will end up pushing the other one around.

  6. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Besides the good points Joris made, what about making sure they are in phase?

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