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Blown Speaker

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by metallicarules, May 13, 2003.

  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips here. Afters many months of searching I finally found an amp that I liked and could afford. I'm a college student so I'm already broke, but I thought I could stand to go a little further into debt to buy this thing. It worked perfect for about a month and now today when I was practicing by myself it seems the speaker blew. While I was playing it starting crackling then cut out completely. I kept trying and it would come back on for a few seconds then cut out again. Does this sound like a speaker problem, amp problem, or perhaps (hopefully) a loose connection??? Is their anything I can do?

    I am using a yorkville 400b powering a 1x15 black widow speaker. I was playing at medium low volume at the time into a speaker that is supposed to handle 700watts and be indestructible. Just my luck. If I have to spend another couple hundred dollars I am officially giving up bass forever, screw this.

    Any answers/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    edit: oh yeah, and the limiter was definitely ON when it happened....
  2. Does it smell really bad or produce smoke when it fizzled out? If it did, check the transformer.
  3. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    When speakers "blow", they hardly ever go away then come back. I'd look for something else.

    Speakers "blow" in essentially two manners. The first is a nasty buzzing type of sound, when the voice coils are damaged/misaligned, etc. The second is when the voice coil is totally breached, then the sound cuts out completely. Once this happens, it NEVER cuts in and out - its gone.
  4. Ok, it didn't produce smoke or anything, and it looks the same as always. If it were the amp what sort of sign should I look for? The amp still turns on fine, all the LED's work etc...
  5. Well, I took the speaker out and I tested each piece individually. My bass works fine, and the amp works fine also. Since the way it stopped working didn't seem to fit with the way you described speakers breaking I thought it must have been a connection problem so I reconnected everything and tried again. However, now I get absolutely no sound out of the speaker. How can a speaker that is rated for 700 watts possible have been blown by an amp that is only putting out around 300w @ 8ohms??
  6. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    Try this:-

    Step 1:- pull the speakers out again, attach some speaker wire to the terminals, then touch a 9v battery to the other end of the wire. If the speaker moves, it's still working.

    Step2:- spread all 8 fingers evenly around the speaker cone and press it down gently. It should move smoothly and quietly. Do his repeatedly and listen for any scraping or crackling noises (we're looking for voice coil damage here).

    By this stage you should have been able to determine if the speaker is OK. If it's not well, look at getting a recone, much cheaper than buying a new speaker.

    If all seems well with the speaker, it's probably something in your amp. See if you can find the fuse holder and try replacing the fuse. If that doesn't work, spare yourself the danger and take it to a technician.
  7. Alright, I pressed down on the speaker and it moved smoothly without any noise. I tried the battery test but the speaker didn't move, it just made a quiet crackling noise. Anyone know what this might mean?
  8. It sounds to me like you just have a loose connection...the cracking noise and the cutting on and off would suggest this. My initial reaction is to blame your cable. Try a different cable, and see if that helps.
  9. I went back and checked and double checked each part individually. The bass is good, amp is good, cable is good, connection on the back of the cabinet is good, so the problem must lie in the speaker. I can't get any sound out it at all, other than the slight crackling noise I get when I hook it up to a 9v battery.

    I guess it could be a problem with the terminals on the speaker. Any more suggestions? Or do I need to have someone look at it?

    Funny, right after it stopped working a friend called me and said that some guys he knows were looking for a bass player. Turns out these guys are pretty much professional musicians and I even own one of their earlier CD's :eek:. Meh, I would've been way out of my league anyway.

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