SOLD BLOWOUT - USA Sarzo (Sadowsky, Nordstrand, Brubaker, Hipshot) 8.25 lbs!!!

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    USA Made. Neck-though Peavey Sarzo. This one is REALLY special. Just 8.25 lbs. Some special work has been done to her:

    - Nordstrand humbuckers (with 3-way coil taps)
    - Sadowsky onboard preamp (with the Vintage Tone Control option)
    - Electronics cavity and pickup routes copper shielded
    - Hipshot ultra-lite tuners
    - Frets leveled, polished and dressed by Kevin Brubaker (yes, that Brubaker)!
    - Dunlop strap-locks

    She's light and the tone is AMAZING! Lots of tonal options thanks to the preamp and coil taps. For some reason the pull-up passive control doesn't work (prob a minor wiring issue) but the preamp is otherwise fully functional.

    Thanks to Kevin Brubaker, the action is very low and she plays wonderful. He just did the work less than 2 months ago and I've only had her out a couple times. Finish has some "clouding" and some dings, chips here and there but she looks good from a distance. Truss rod cover is missing for some reason (got it that way), but the truss and is in good shape and the truss rod is fully functional. 20170819_132326-1.jpg 20170819_132349-1.jpg

    The parts alone cost $600ish and the fret-work was expensive too (but worth it)!
    Comes with a Peavey gig bag which is probably original to the bass. The bag appears to be leather or imitation leather (I can't tell).

    Blowing this out for a quick sale for just $565 (split shipping). This may be the steal of the month here on TB! First to commit gets her! Conus only!

    20170819_132326-1.jpg 20170819_132349-1.jpg 20170819_132320-1.jpg 20170819_132413-1.jpg 20170819_132631.jpg 20170819_132455-1.jpg
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    PM'd you my man:D
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    Hit ya back! ;)
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    Wow, what a great bass ! Someone is going to be vety happy !