blue october and switchfoot?!

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  1. rockitmarty


    Jul 25, 2008
    blue october used to be one of my favorite bands i remember seeing them about three years ago at a concert and i totes loved them. i kinda lost interest in them (esp when the lead singer was wearing all that eyeliner) but lately i've been catching up with them and i just saw on their myspace¬Ö ...that they are touring with switchfoot the end of july and all of august. is anybody going?
  2. 1. why is this in OT?
    2. 'totes'?

    Edit: Oh yeah- on topic, no I'm not going. :)
  3. I'd go, but I can't seem to find my guyliner and it runs when I start crying.
  4. ^pretty sure neither of those bands wear guyliner.

    In any case, Switchfoot is cool. Blue October is not.
  5. SnoMan

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    Jan 27, 2001
    Charleston, WV
    Blue October's 'Argue with a Tree' is a killer concert DVD.

    I don't care for their recordings.