Blue Sky Mine Bridge, Weird Note

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  1. The first bass notes of the bridge are really odd (2:23 in the song, repeats at 2:34) It has caught my attention every time I've heard it and today when I heard it I finally decided to grab a bass to play along/try to figure out whats going on but the more I play along with the recording the more confused I am.
    I think it is a Gb. At least that is what sounds best when I play the bass line solo. When I try F it kinda works too. It sounds odd on the recording and maybe it was an intentional dissonance. Which is cool but surprising for an otherwise consonant pop tune. I think the bass is note Gb and the keys are playing an F or maybe the bass really is playing F and the Keys are playing Gb.
    Anyone have a better understanding than I do about what is going on at this part of the song?
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    Ha, I remember that odd spot and always dug it! I never looked at it with an instrument in hand and haven't heard it in far too long. Gonna have to revisit it, some great stuff on that record!
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