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  1. emre03


    Sep 18, 2000
    Hi there;
    I was just visiting the dingwall website when i saw the one thing that seemed to solve my problem....
    My bass suffers from its mids being too "high"(and mid boost that boost high mids only!!!) and sounding too trebley. So i decided to change all the p/us and electronics and then i saw BlueQubes description, it seemed a perfect for my bass...
    Has anyone used a BlueQube here? How do affect the tone? What kind of switching do they have (i read something about it being used as a slap switch), are they sold seperately? Are they compatible with any electronics and p/us? How and where can I order them???????????
    Sorry, i have a lot of questions but if it does what i read it is very very important to me....
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