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Blues licks? couple of quickies.

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by mebusdriver, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. I recently started playing in a three piece blues band. Different for me because I've been playing in dropped D and rocking progressive music for the last couple of years. My first realization that I didn't know that many blues licks was trying to rock threw War Pigs. I made it, but with little spice. Geezer's got some sweet licks, I learned one or two, but don't have the time to sit around and ear a lot of them out. I work like 65 hours a week, go to school, and deal with a pregnant wife all day. I have like three hours a week to rock with these guys and we need to get some rocking done quick for an upcoming show.

    Soooo....... Anybody got some quick references to some blues licks here on the net? Maybe a tab of some of your own? I just need a couple to rock on for next week. I can't buy any books or c.d.'s, no videos, so only tabs or sheet music here on the web's gonna help. Thanks for any help. I need it!!
  2. Dude, when you hear a tune with a lick you like, doesn't have to be played by bass, get the tunes name and search the tab archive (has links for tab sites other than just bass tabs) right?
  3. do you know the blues scale? pentatonic? throw on some sabbath and go nuts

  4. What I live for. Try Bassically, the bass solo on their first album, its easy to get in that groove and flow up and down the neck, that was one of the first things I learned, but then again it was the main reason I bought a bass in the first place, for Sabbath
  5. dave_p


    Dec 20, 2005
    i hear that
    i used to pull out the orange boss distortion and a t-wah and go to town on bassically.

    most sabbath is blues scale and pentatonic as was already stated

    fifths and minor thirds are your friend